IECA 一般社団法人国際eコマース協会


From Our President

January 2022

Hachiro Okonogi, Representative Director and President of International e-Commerce Association

International e-Commerce Association (hereinafter referred to as “Association”) was established in order to promote international trade through Electronic Commerce (EC). The rapidly-expanding EC market not only provides opportunities for increased profitability to related corporations, but also great business opportunities to related businesses (i.e. distributors, manufacturers). In order for expansion and smooth operation of EC, various functions need to be coordinated: sales planning, sales network expansion, logistics efficiency improvement and information system maintenance. Our specialists in EC, international and domestic logistics or information systems can provide necessary support with their knowledge. Our range of activities shall not be limited to Japan as we can also respond to a wider range of requests in cooperation with our overseas members. We wish our members to make use of this Association to their benefit by collecting information, building a network and gaining business opportunities in order to improve work efficiency and achieve continuous growth. This Association is operated by members in the following industries:
  • EC-related
  • International logistics
  • Domestic logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturers
  • Information systems
  • Customs brokers, Lawyers, CPAs, Social Insurance and Labor Consultants, Administrative Scriveners, etc.
  • Researchers, Scholars, etc.